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3 Essential Car Buying Tips to Get the Best Deal


No adulting task feels more intimidating than that of buying a car. It’s one of the biggest purchases a millennial will make in their lifetime, and the process is a little like learning to parallel park for the first time: anxiety-inducing, but incredibly rewarding after-the-fact.

From convenient smartphone integration to important safety features, there are so many options to choose from. To help break down the chaos of car-buying, we are sharing a couple tips to follow when deciding what car is right for you.

1. Don’t Browse Until You Have a Budget.

It might sound obvious, but for the clueless among us, running some numbers should come well before you start bookmarking your favorite models or heading to the local dealership. Having the payment and finance terms in mind before beginning the buying process can really help nail down the right car for your lifestyle and budget.

2. Factor in Your Favorite Activities.

If you feel equally comfortable in a sedan or SUV, and aren’t really sure what type of car is right for you from the outset, making a mental list of places you’ll go and things you’ll do in the car can help. Consider your favorite activities. Do you like trying out all the latest tech gadgets? Going to the beach? Taking road trips where gas expenses are a concern and mileage could play a factor? This can help guide you towards the car that’s right for your lifestyle.

3. Talk to People Who Know

Ask around with friends and family who have bought cars about their experiences and insights. Also see if they can give you recommendations for a good local car dealership. Otherwise, read consumer and expert reviews online before selecting one. When you go in to meet with a dealer, don’t be afraid to prepare questions in advance.

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