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Supplies that Your Kid Needs for Kinder Garden


Getting your little one prepped and ready for their first day of kindergarten can seem like an enormous task. The good news is there’s one thing you don’t have to worry about for another year or so: school supplies.

Most kindergarteners don’t need much when it comes to school supplies. So unless you already have a list from your child’s teacher, you can steer clear of the back-to-school aisle before September.

Aside from a backpack, lunch bag, water bottle and indoor shoes, there isn’t much else required. If you buy shoes with laces, make sure your kid can tie her own shoes because the teacher won’t have time to help 20 kids get ready before recess.

Snow pants will eventually be needed, but there’s still plenty of time to get those. For now, focus on those main essentials (plus, a change of clothes in case there’s an accident) and see what becomes necessary as the school year progresses.

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